Morry Patoka
Chief Accelerator
P: 416-738-1093

Let’s simply start off by talking about what will make the most difference to your organization. There are no hard and fast rules other than ensuring we create value and enjoy the experience of working together


Projects are scoped and estimated in advance with budget reconciled at milestones.


From half-day meetings to large scale multi-day off-sites, we will create an inspiring collaborative experience for your team that accomplishes your mandate, and gets everyone ready for implementation.


For longer term engagements that include both development and execution, or for an interim role, we can establish a monthly fee.

Morry Patoka Chief Accelerator

Why Create The Conditions

We create the conditions for success.

Working with many different organizations, I’ve discovered that success is shaped by 3 sets of conditions.

The 1st set of conditions is DOING. These are the conditions that we have some control over, and in a company, form the cornerstones of its culture – taking action, collaborating, reality checks and deep thinking.

The 2nd set of conditions is FEELING. We can’t control how people feel but we influence how they feel by what we do as an organization to sharpen performance, share responsibility, establish confidence and clarify purpose.

The final set of conditions is BELIEVING. You know the saying, “you have to see it to believe it”? Not true. We have to feel it to believe it. Believing becomes your organization’s force for change, unlocking talent, securing commitment, inspiring courage and igniting passion.

Creating the conditions for success doesn’t mean we always win; it ensures that in very meaningful ways, we always succeed.